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Uono No Sato

Please enjoy shopping at Uono no Sato and find local souvenir such as Koshihikari rice from Minamiuonuma, local sake from Echigo, seafood, etc.


Frozen seafood taken from the Japan sea.

Koshihikari Rice

Koshihikari from Uonuma is considered to be the finest type of Japanese rice

Local Sake

Traditional liquor made from fermented rice.

Ice Cream

Tasty Sasami dumpling based soft ice cream. Momotaga's flavor and anko is the best!

Sweet Snacks

Traditional cookies and sweets.

Salted Snacks

Chips and crakers in tasty flavors.

Bamboo Dumpling Soft Ice Cream

The famous bamboo dumpling soft ice cream is popular among bus tour group. We have quite a lot of coverage on TV.

Traditional snacks

Don't miss the taste of Japanese traditional snacks!