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Natura Sweet Shop

Enjoy coffee or tea with Uonuma sweets and cookies made in the factory visible through the glass inside the shop. The sweets are made by using the high quality ingredients originally from Uonuma and Niigata.


Natura original Baumkuchen is a cake made from famous and high quality Koshihikari rice flour from Uonuma. The moist texture is a gem that makes it worth to try.


Natura original confectionery made from Uonuma pure milk. Various flavors are available.


Delicious cookies wrapped in fancy boxes. Taste the texture that melts smoothly from the moment you enter the mouth.

Ice Cream

Sweetness and freshness wrapped in a crispy cone.


Beautifully wrapped gifts. Bring souvenir for your loved ones!

Cozy Corner

Homey place to enjoy cookies and snacks with coffee or tea.

Original Natura Baumkuchen

One of special Natura cake is Natura Original Baumkuchen. We made the cake from scrath using fresh inggredients in our factory inside the shop.

The Natura cake and cookies factory is installed inside the store. Guests can see our staff making cake and cookies through the glass window.