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La Terra

We serve Italian dishes such as pizza, pasta, risotto, salad, and popular dessert. The dishes are best to enjoy with coffee or tea and our cookies and sweet sweets.


Classic Italian pizza made from scrath! We use fresh ingredients and cook using stone oven. For more local taste, try pizza with Uonuma local fish and mushrooms topping.


We combine Italian pasta with more local ingredients such as Uonuma mushroom, Niigata red egg, and other Japanese seafood.


Fresh vegetable and other whole ingredients.


Sweetness and freshness wrapped in bright colors.

Set Menu for Group

We have set menu special for group. Prices and contents are subject to change, so please contact us for details

Seating for Group

We have venues for large group up to 120 persons.

Stone Oven Pizza

Our chef makes pizza from scrath dough right after you complete order.

We use natural stone oven to cook the pizza dough. Wait until the pizza is cooked. It's very fresh!